Imam Tariq Rasheed
Imam Tariq runs this program since 1998. His rich experience of teaching students Hifz of Qur'an is the driving force behind Darul Hifz.

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Hafiz Mahfuzur Rahman
He did Hifz of Qur'an from Darul Hifz in 2003 under the supervision of Imam Tariq Rasheed. After completing his hifz, he continued on to Madarsah Zakariya located in Johannesburg, South Africa for his first year and then went to Jamiatul Ilm Wal Huda located in Blackburn, England where he completed revising the Qur'an and mastered the tajweed of Qur'an. He received his Sanat from Jamiatul Ilm Wal Huda, Blackburn, England.

Upon his return to Orlando, he has lead taraweeh during the most of Ramadan at many different Masaajids including:

While teaching at Darul Hifz, he is also a Masters student at the University of Central Florida where he is completing his academic studies.